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Soy Protein Milk

Sooper vegan Lactose free Cholesterol lowering soy protein plant milk is the best Plant milk enriched with 18 vitamins and minerals to help all those who enter fourties and beyond to remain in Best of Health as this great beverage contributes for Heart Health,Bone Health, Memory power, Safe guard kidney health, Cancer prevention and tumor growth You can add a handful of gotukola blended in grinder with a little water add hot soy milk to make Gotukola soy milk as quick memory Boost for children and elderly! Similarly karapincha juice added to hot soy to lower cholesterol! For Eye health as curry leaf contains very high amount of caretenoids which is Vitamin A . A ripe green banana in blender with four teaspoons of soy milk powder and ice water to heal your intestine from gastritis! Any ripe fruit like Mango to create a Mango milkshake or strawberry milkshake again for eye health, skin health, above all Gut health!

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